david & cynthia | belize wedding

Cynthia is one of my best friends so when she asked if I'd be her maid of honour AND shoot her wedding, I said, "why not". XD We brought along a "human tripod" for the wedding party photos I had to be in. Every detail was carefully planned by David and Cynthia. My favourite part of the day was when we were done the wedding party photos and it was just the two of them on a coconut farm, capturing their love and joy. They took some time to read each other their vows in this private setting and exchanged rings. They did it officially in front of their friends and the minister later but I think that moment was when they truly promised each other their hearts and lives. It was beautiful and very special to witness. Their reception was small,  taking place on Cynthia's parent's patio and the evening was finished off with sending off lanterns.