As we were getting ready for our trip to europe, I realized that all of our pictures were going to be of each other, selfies, or photos taken by some tourist who doesn’t know how to use my camera. That wasn’t good enough for me. As a photographer, I wanted good photos of the two of us together to hand down to our kids and grandkids one day. So I scowered the interenet for a photographer that I loved and chose a suitable location. Paris, the city of love, did not dissappoint as far as location went. However the weather could have cooperated a little better. They say Paris is more beautiful in the rain…but I wasn’t convinced that I would be. We were leaving Paris the next day so we had no choice but to shoot anyway. Ula did a fantastic job despite the rain and wind and I am so happy with the result! Enjoy! Photo Credit goes to Ula Blocksage Photography. Stay tuned for more photos from our trip coming soon!!

Paris Photoshoot_0022.jpg
Paris Photoshoot_0023.jpg
Paris Photoshoot_0024.jpg
Paris Photoshoot_0025.jpg
Paris Photoshoot_0026.jpg
Paris Photoshoot_0027.jpg
Paris Photoshoot_0028.jpg
Paris Photoshoot_0029.jpg
Paris Photoshoot_0030.jpg
Paris Photoshoot_0032.jpg
Paris Photoshoot_0033.jpg
Paris Photoshoot_0034.jpg
Paris Photoshoot_0035.jpg
Paris Photoshoot_0036.jpg
Paris Photoshoot_0037.jpg
Paris Photoshoot_0038.jpg
Paris Photoshoot_0039.jpg

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