Tashima entered the contest that I held on facebook a while back and she won! She knew right away that she would save her free photoshoot for their maternity photos and I was exctatic. There is something so rewarding about capturing such a joyful time in a family’s life. And this little family could not be cuter! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do.

Gina Brandt Photography_0752.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0753.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0754.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0755.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0756.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0757.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0758.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0759.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0760.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0761.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0762.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0763.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0764.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0765.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0766.jpg

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