This fall I had the honour of doing a photo shoot of my parents and my grandparents on the same evening. I’ve always heard photographers say things like, ‘You need to be present in photographs for your children and grandchildren’. I have to admit, I never really understood what that meant. I obviousely agree that it is important to have good photographs of yourself and your family but I never understood just how important until this evening. As I was photographing my grandparents and then my parents, I was overwhelmed with gratitude that they were making the effort to freeze time with these photographs and to give their families the gift of these beautiful memories.
Bill & Anna-13.jpg
Bill & Anna-25.jpg
Bill & Anna-28.jpg
Now if that doesn’t bring a smile to your face, I don’t know what will.
Bill & Anna-34.jpg
Bill & Anna-41.jpg
Bill & Anna-45.jpg
Gord & Laura-20.jpg
Gord & Laura-1.jpg
Aren’t my parents just the cutest? My mom bought this stunner of a dress for my sisters wedding and my dad thought she looked so good that they really needed their own photo shoot. I couldn’t agree more.
Gord & Laura-34.jpg
Gord & Laura-39.jpg
Gord & Laura-55.jpg
Gord & Laura-58.jpg
Gord & Laura-79.jpg
Gord & Laura-88.jpg
Gord & Laura-94.jpg
Gord & Laura-97.jpg
Gord & Laura-99.jpg
Gord & Laura-103.jpg

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