Kyra is incredibly beautiful and multi-talented. This girl plays hockey (on the boys team) and soccer, plus she plays guitar and has a beautiful singing voice. And on top of all that, she is super sweet, fun, loves Jesus and is drop-dead gorgeous. I’m so excited to have her helping me out as my grad rep this year. We did this shoot so that we’d have photos to start posting but stay tuned because Kyra’s actual grad session is going to be awesome. We had a ton of fun doing this shoot and it’s getting me so excited for all of this year’s grad sessions. Enjoy!
Gina Brandt Photography_1258.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_1259.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_1260.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_1261.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_1262.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_1263.jpg

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