This winter, Joel and I had the amazing privilege of going on an 8 week trip all over Europe. It was absolutely incredible. We started in Barcelona, Spain and worked our way around ending in Athens, Spain. As you have probably figured out by now, I’m not much of a writer. I like to let my pictures do the talking and I hope you will enjoy seeing a small taste of our adventure in the next couple of posts.

Barcelona, Spain
Gina Brandt Photography_0252.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0253.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0254.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0255.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0256.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0257.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0258.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0259.jpg

Bordeaux, France
Gina Brandt Photography_0260.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0261.jpg

Saint Emilion, France
Gina Brandt Photography_0262.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0263.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0264.jpg

Paris, France
Gina-Brandt-Photography_0265.jpg Gina-Brandt-Photography_0268.jpg Gina Brandt Photography_0266.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0267.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0269.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0270.jpg

London, England
Gina Brandt Photography_0271.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0272.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0273.jpg

Windsor Castle, England Gina Brandt Photography_0274.jpg

Oxford, England Gina Brandt Photography_0275.jpg

Dublin, Ireland Gina Brandt Photography_0276.jpg

West Coast Ireland & The Cliffs of Moher
Gina Brandt Photography_0277.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0278.jpg

to be continued… (See part 2 here)

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