Ok. This girl is a serious stunner. I don’t think I could take a bad photo of her if I tried. We had so much fun taking these photos and all of the locations worked so perfectly with her dress! I seriously can’t get enough. Chantelle and her mom were so much fun to hang out with and when her dad and brother joined us for some family photos later on, the fun just continued. Enjoy!

Chantelle's Grad-7.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-14.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-26.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-60.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-47.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-63.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-80.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-93.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-119.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-132.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-146.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-163.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-170.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-183.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-190.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-202.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-216.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-229.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-233.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-245.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-240.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-249.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-255.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-275.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-266.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-273.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-292.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-314.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-330.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-357.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-361.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-369.jpg
Chantelle's Grad-376.jpg

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