Amanda and I have been talking about this shoot for a while and I’m so glad we finally did it. The morning of the shoot, I lucked out at the local MCC Thrift Store with the picnic basket and trunk, and knew they would make the shoot complete. We headed out to Sandilands, Manitoba for the couple of hours right before sunset, the perfect time for photos. We even lucked out on some fog hanging over the fields on the way home and couldn’t help but take advantage. The weather and location, combined with the Amanda’s stunning beauty, made for one killer photoshoot and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Enjoy!
Gina Brandt Photography_0002.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0003.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0004.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0005.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0006.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0007.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0008.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0009.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0010.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0011.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0012.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0013.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0014.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0015.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0016.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0017.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0018.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0019.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0020.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0021.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0022.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0023.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0024.jpg
Gina Brandt Photography_0025.jpg

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